I rather like making cakes.  So, just for something  a bit different, I thought I’d post photos of some of the cakes I’ve made.  (Happy to take commissions too, if you’re local!)

Easter Cakes

24 White chocolate mud cakes topped with white chocolate ganache and a golden egg:

Party Pinata Mark 2

A Bog Standard Cake

My son said he was happy to have a bog standard cake for his birthday. So he got one.


Black Forest Buns (January 2018)

One morning, my son got up and remembered he was supposed to be taking some cakes to school to share with his GCSE music group.  These were a quick response – chocolate fairy cakes with cherries.  There was no time to ice them!


2018-01-16 08.26.15

Christmas Wreath (December 2017)


Niffler (from Fantastic Beasts, October 2017)

2017-10-15 16.58.22

As my fiend said, “mole” isn’t the most appetising colour for a cake, but he was really very cute.


He was made of chocolate cake and ordinary sponge, with a pocket full of chocolate coins and a golden chocolate ingot.  For the unitiated, the niffler is a fantastic beast that collects sparkly treasures in its pouch (which, like Mary Poppins’ carpet bag, holds far more than it should!)


Birthday Cake (October 2017)

2017-10-22 17.23.33

River System (June 2017)

Again, this was a geography project for one of the children, so not actually one I made, just one I supervised.


Lemon Drizzle (July 2017)

Party Piñata (March 2017)

A chocolate shell over a chocolate cake:

Inside it looked like this:

Chocolate Fairy Cakes (May 2017)


Motte and Bailey Castle (February 2017)

Actually, this one’s not mine as such – it was my daughter’s for the school castle competition.  It won first prize.

Scones (February 2017)

I’ve never been very good at scones until now.  These were quite good.

The Cakes of Mordor (October 2013).

Probably my all-time favourite –  front and back, complete with orks.


dscf2704 dscf2705


dscf2702 dscf2701





Yule Log, 2016.

I’ve been making Yule log the same way, with the same decoration, ever since I was taught by Mrs Miller in home economics at school when I was 11.  Which is now rather a long time…




Interlocking Lego Bricks, October 2016.

I’m quite proud of this one.  Different coloured cakes to create the effect of stacked lego bricks.

2016-10-22-14-01-40 2016-10-22-14-08-48









Iced Victoria Sponge.




Fairy Cakes.



Bug Fairy Cakes.


Boobook Owl, October 2016.


Here’s the cake under construction:

2016-10-15-12-10-08 2016-10-15-13-35-382016-10-15-13-51-18











And here’s the real thing:


By Patrick_K59 – Boobook Owl (Ninox boobook), CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=45909820



A Whale of a Time (October 2013).



It’s a Jungle Out There (March 2016).


dscf3778 dscf3777 dscf3773 dscf3772dscf3769dscf3760dscf3760



Lego Station (October 2015).

The significance of this will probably be lost on you, but I copied a lego station that my son had designed and for which we had ordered the bricks as a birthday present.

dscf3118 dscf3119


Minecraft (October 2014).