A busy start to the new year has meant that I haven’t had time to write any posts for the blog. I’ve been preparing my MA course for Lancaster, as well as the seminars for the Civil War course on which I’m teaching. Then there’s the marking – having finished one pile last week, another landed on Monday. I was planning to do it this week, but I accidentally left it on my office desk on Monday afternoon. So that will have to be work for next week.

But there’s also plenty of news. I managed, finally, to send off the draft of an article over Christmas. Today I’ve finished the draft of another article, based on a paper that I will be giving in February in Glasgow – there will be more on that later, I’m sure. I’ve got to come up with the abstract now – a job which I really dislike. So my next job is to finish writing up my paper from the Turku/Utrecht EDPOP conference – the plan is to create a journal special issue with the 6 papers from the workshop.

The reading pile gets ever-larger. I’m still working my way through Steve Roud’s book on Folk Song in England and Diarmaid MacCulloch’s book on Thomas Cromwell – in the case of the latter, I’ve just reached 1537 and the period after the Pilgrimage of Grace. Still waiting for my attention are Tess Knighton’s edited collection on early modern urban soundscapes and David Atkinson’s book on The Ballad and its Pasts.

I’ve been asked to speak at a conference in Spain in the summer, and today I’ve been asked to a workshop in Oxford in April. I’m still not used to being asked along to things like this – I’m extremely flattered! I’ll keep you posted about it all.

Oh, and we had snow on Tuesday. It doesn’t happen often here!