Like most of the rest of the education community in this country, I’ve suddenly had to move my teaching online. Fortunately, in my department the decision was made to record the Week 20 lectures and upload them to the Moodle, but to put the Week 20 seminars, tutorials and workshops off until Week 21 (after the Easter vacation). This gave us time to rethink the activities for online teaching.

I’m also fortunate that I have three and a half years of experience teaching online for Liverpool Hope University, and that I’ve undertaken a lot of training in online teaching methods. It still took me a couple of hours to re-plan work that I’d already planned, and over an hour to undertake the online training course for Microsoft Teams. I’m lucky that my department has confirmed that Teaching Assistants and Associate Lecturers will not lose out for the extra work they are having to undertake, but this is just another place where being an adjunct, paid only by the hour, sucks.