…which I suppose is not really surprising!  I’ve had a really good day, but I know I can’t carry on now, because it’s too late to start on another section that could drag on into the night.  I’ve written 4800 words of my chapter on images of Mary, and although doubtless some of them need pruning, I’m just going to keep writing for now, and try to cull it later.  I’ve been writing about the ballads that I’ve found, and placing them in the context of the other publications that describe.  I’m having a whale of a time, and really enjoying it.  There is something very satisfying about investigating these ballads, and reading between their lines to see the attitudes to women in power.

However, today has had its poignant moments.  I’ve been looking through the Calendar of State Papers (Spanish) and State Papers Online, and came across several messages sent from Europe congratulating Mary on the birth of the son she never had, and the announcement of the birth with gaps left for the sex of the baby.  On a human level, regardless of her murderous reputation, it’s so sad.