December 2011

Well, I did get a couple more days’ work done, which was good.  I’ve got lots of potentially interesting records to look at on EEBO when I get chance.  I’ve started reading Anne Dillon’s ‘Construction of Martyrdom’ book, which I have to say I’m finding heavy going.  It’s very repetitive.  I’ve also read some interesting new work on early modern saints’ cults and relics.  On my kindle I’m 12% of the way through Peter Lake and Michael Questiers’ book on Margaret Clitherow, although in this area I am facing a dilemma:  how does one quote from a kindle e-book that has no page numbers?  I’ve seen guidance for websites and blogs and any number of new-fangled media, but not for e-books without page numbers…

For Christmas I got couple of e-books for my kindle about women of the reformation, so I can add them to the list of things I need to read, which seems to be getting longer by the day!

This week’s most important news is that I’ve managed to order a turkey for Christmas without having to remortgage the house!  I also went to four different school Christmas concerts on Wednesday.  The children are going rather loopy with excitement.

On Tuesday evening I had my Spanish exam, which I sat while recovering from a migraine.  Anyway, it wasn’t too bad.  I’ve no idea how I got on, but at least I feel like I’m finally making progress.  I certainly know a lot more now than I did in September.

Yesterday, I had my supervision meeting, which was very successful.  They were very pleased with the historiographical essay I handed in at the beginning of the month, and have identified areas to improve it and widen it over the coming months.  I’m still drawing up a bibliography of secondary literature on female piety, and now I’m starting to draw up a bibliography of primary literature on female queenship.  I spent today looking through the resources in English on EEBO from 1553 and 1554. Good fun.  I found 48 potentially interesting records.  Hopefully I’ll get a couple more days of work done before the children finish for their Christmas holidays on Tuesday, but my husband finished work today.

Slightly panicking, as I have a Spanish exam in a week and in between I have to fit in my revision around a trip to the dentist, a trip to the doctor, two school plays, doing church flowers, going to church, buying and decorating a Christmas tree, taking children to Brownies, Cubs and choir practice and making meals.  Add to that the fact that Christmas is the music teacher’s busiest season, so I’m on sole childcare duty for the next few nights, and you have one stressed out PhD student!    At least I’m enjoying it though.

I should have done this on Friday evening, but I forgot, but I’m here now.  The trouble is that I can’t entirely remember what I did last week.  I’ve handed in my essay on Mary I and the Reformation – I sent it off on Thursday morning.  On Friday I did some more work on my John Roberts article, which I started last April, but although I tidied a few bits of it up, I didn’t get a great deal of new stuff done.  I hope that when I’ve done the reading that I need to do today, I might get half an hour or so to run a few web searches for the missing documentary evidence.  Anyway, it was nice to spend another day in the company of John Roberts, as he and I haven’t spent much time together lately!

On Thursday morning I had a meeting with the lady in charge of organising the Manchester Histories Festival, which was very interesting.  I’m thinking of trying to get the Bolton Branch of the Historical Association involved in the 2014 festival somehow, though I don’t have any firm plans yet.