What I’ve been reading…*

Daniel Levitin – This is Your Brain on Music

Adele Parks – Lies, Lies, Lies

GRR Martin – A Dance With Dragons

Angela McShane – Political Broadside Ballads of Seventeenth-Century England: a Critical Bibliography

GRR Martin – A Feast for Crows

Jodi Picoult – The Gift

Jodi Picoult – Small Great Things

Chris Packham – Fingers in the Sparkle Jar

Jodi Picoult – The Pact

Stephen Bull – The Civil Wars in Lancashire, 1640-1660

John Morrill – The Impact of the English Civil War

Dale B.J. Randall – Winter Fruit: English Drama 1642-1660

Susan Wiseman – Drama and politics in the English Civil War

Charles Webster Dilke – Old English Plays, Being a selection from the Early Dramatic Writers

Vivian Barz – Forgotten Bones

Claire McGowan – What You Did

Kerry Lonsdale – All the Breaking Waves

Matt Dunn – What Might Have Been

Clare Mackintosh – I Let You Go

Victoria Connelly – One Last Summer

Kelly Harms – The Overdue Life of Amy Byler

Imogen Clark – Postcards From a Stranger

Charles Read Baskerville – The Elizabethan Jig

Clegg and Skeaping – Singing Simpkin

GRR Martin – A Storm of Swords

Thomas Laqueur – Making Sex

Mary Higgins Clark – Second Time Around

Robyn Harding – Her Pretty Face

Mary Higgins Clark – Weep No More, My Lady

Ian Green – Print and Protestantism in Early Modern England

Rosa Salzburg – Ephemeral City

Mark Hailwood – Alehouses and Good Fellowship in Early Modern England

Caroline Roberts – My Summer of Magic Moments

Maya Angelou – Even the Stars Look Lonesome

Jojo Moyes – Still Me

David Atkinson – The Ballad and its Pasts

Steve Roud – Folk Song in England

Mary Higgins Clark – The Melody Lingers On

Diarmaid MacCulloch – Thomas Cromwell

Chris Wrigley – A Companion to Early Twentieth Century Britain

Francis O’Gorman – The Cambridge Companion to Victorian Culture

Phillipa Levine – The British Empire: Sunrise to Sunset

G.R. Searle – The Liberal Party: Triumph and Disintegration, 1886-1929

Jeremy Black – Studying History

Spalding & Parker – Historiography: An Introduction

Peter Lake with Michael Questier –  The Antichrist’s Lewd Hat

Marcia Willett – The Songbird

Bella Osborne – Coming Home to Ottercombe Bay

George R.R. Martin – A Storm of Swords

James Daybell (ed.) – Cultures of Correspondence in Early Modern Britain

Nichola Rees – Bright Ideas Drama and Role Play

David Sherrin – The Classes They Remember

Willi Apel – The Notation of Polyphonic Music

Steven Veerapen – The Abbey Close

Alastair Bellany – The Politics of Court Scandal in Early Modern England

William Forde Thompson – Music, Thought and Feeling

Meg Waite Clayton – Beautiful Exiles

Mary Higgins Clark – The Cinderella Murder

Mary Higgins Clark – The Lost Years

Lawrence Stone – The Causes of the English Revolution

N. Keeble – The Cambridge Companion to Writing of the English Revolution

B. A. Paris – Bring Me Back

Sheila O’Flanagan – What Happened That Night

Leah Mercer – The Man I Thought You Were

Minka Kent – The Thinnest Air

Frances Harding – Cuckoo Song
Frances Harding – The Lie Tree
David Lagercrantz – The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye
David Lagercrantz – The Girl in the Spider’s Web
Tanya Landman – Beyond the Wall
Theresa Breslin – The Rasputin Dagger
Lucy Adlington – The Red Ribbon
R.M.Romero – The Dollmaker of Krakow
Michael Morpurgo – Lucky Button
Paul Dowdswell – Wolf Children
Hilary Lee-Corbin – Conkers and Grenades

Lucy Worsley – My Name is Victoria

Ann Hughes – The Causes of the English Civil War

Kiran Millwood Hargrave – The Island at the End of Everything

Bob Snyder – Music and Memory

Sam Angus – School for Skylarks

Jacqueline Wilson – Wave Me Goodbye

Emma Carroll – Letters from the Lighthouse

Timothy Duguid – Metrical Psalmody in Print and Practice

Robinson and Impey – A Song for Will: The Lost Gardens of Heligan

Tony Bradman – Anglo Saxon Boy

Tony Bradman – Attack of the Vikings

Sue Purkiss – Jack Fortune and the Search for the Hidden Valley

Saviour Pirotta – Mark of the Cyclops

Tony Bradman – Revolt against the Romans

Tony Bradman – Secret of the Stones

Robert Steele – The Earliest English Music Printing

Ros King – The Works of Richard Edwards

J.E. Neale – Elizabeth I and her Parliaments

Partridge & Moberg (Eds.) – The Bloomsbury Handbook of Religion and Popular Music

Rosenberg (Ed.) – Transforming Tradition

Steve Roud – Folk Song in England

Mary Higgins Clark – I’ll Walk Alone

Veronica Roth – Four

Nick Groom –  The Making of Percy’s Reliques

Mary Higgins Clark – I’ve Got You Under My Skin

James Patterson – Sail

Wolfgang Behringer – Witches and Witch-hunts

Carol F. Karlsen – The Devil in the Shape of a Woman

Robin Briggs – Witches and Neighbours

James Sharpe – Witchcraft in Early Modern England

James Sharpe – Instruments of Darkness

Bernard Rosenthal – Salem Story

Levack  (ed. ) – The Witchcraft Sourcebook

Alan MacFarlane – Witchcraft in Tudor and Stuart England

Keith Thomas – Religion and the Decline of Magic

Malcolm Gaskil – Witchcraft: a Very Short Introduction

Emer Stamp – The  Seriously Extraordinary Diary of Pig

Emer Stamp – The Super Amazing Diary of Pig

Debora Shuger – Censorship and Cultural Sensibility

George R.R. Martin – A Clash of Kings

Katharine E. Smith – Amongst Friends

Saskia Sarginson – The Twins

Kate Chopin – The Awakening

Helena von Zweigbergk – The Heart Echoes

J.J. Scarisbrick – The Reformation and the English People

Emer Stamp – The Unbelievable Top Secret Diary of Pig

J. Meade Falkner – Moonfleet

Tim Harris (ed.) – Popular Culture in England, c.1500-1850

George R. R. Martin – A Game of Thrones

Maeve Binchy – A Week in Winter

Jennifer Weiner – Who Do You Love

Emylia Hall – The Book of Summers

Judith Maltby – Prayer Book and People in Elizabethan and Early Stuart England

Beal (ed.) –  A Dictionary of English Manuscript Terminology, 1450-2000

Knoppers (ed.) –  The Cambridge Companion to Early Modern Women’s Writing

Victoria Hislop – Cartes Postales from Greece

William Donaldson – The Jacobite Song

Nathan Filer – The Shock of the Fall

Jill Mansell – Making Your Mind Up

Lucy Diamond – One Night in Italy

Gary Tomlinson – The Singing of the New World

Liane Moriarty – The Husband’s Secret

Sasha Handley – Sleep in Early Modern England

Catherine Alliott – One Day in May

Katherine Butler – Music in Elizabethan Court Politics

May and Bryson – Verse Libel in Renaissance England and Scotland

Tracey Sowerby – Renaissance and Reform in Tudor England

Louise Candlish – Other People’s Sectrets

M Hope Dodds and R Dodds – The Pilgrimage of Grace and the Exeter Conspiracy

Dom David Knowles – The Religious Orders in England, Vol 3: the Tudor Age

Christopher Haigh – Reformation and Resistance in Tudor Lancashire

Charles Robert Rivington – The Records of the Worshipful Company of Stationers

Salley Vickers – Mr Golightly’s Holiday

Naomi Alderman – The Power

Guy Arnold – Africa: A Modern History

Basil Davidson – Modern Africa

Fern Britton – Hidden Treasures

Salley Vickers – Cousins

Stanley Wolpert – A New History of India

Peter Robb – A History of India

John Guy – The Records of Star Chamber to the Reign of Elizabeth I

Andrew McRae – Literature, Satire and the Early Stuart State

Helen Fielding – Bridget Jones’s Baby: The Diaries

Jojo Moyes – After You

Greg Walker – Plays of Persuasion

Kristin Hannah – Firefly Lane

Jane Green – The Accidental Husband

Jeffrey Archer – False Impression

Mark Mazower –  Dark Continent

Gilbert and Large – The End of the European Era

William Shakespeare – Romeo and Juliet

Maya Angelou – Mom & Me & Mom

Andrew Marr – The Making of Modern Britain

Steve Berry – The Venetian Betrayal

Lisa Ballantine – Redemption Road

Sarah Williams – Damnable Practises

Veronica Roth – Free Four

Veronica Roth – Allegiant

M. L. Bush – The Pilgrimage of Grace

Jack Thorne – Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Victoria Hislop – The Thread

Peter Clark – The English Alehouse

Smith, Watson & Kenny (Eds) -The Senses in Early Modern England

Veronica Roth – Insurgent

Carolyn Dalgliesh – The Sensory Child Gets Organized

Miranda Dickinson – A Parcel for Anna Browne

Veronica Roth – Divergent

John Steinbeck – Of Mice and Men

Sharon L. Jansen – Political Protest and Prophecy under Henry VIII

Maria Duffy – The Letter

Dick King-Smith – The Water Horse

Lucinda Becker – Death and the Early Modern Englishwoman

Jonathan Willis and Elizabeth Tingle (eds) – Death, Dying, Burial and Commemoration in Reformation England

Merriman – The Life and Letters of Thomas Cromwell

Harper Lee – Go Set a Watchman

Harper Lee – To Kill a Mockingbird

Megan Abbot – The Fever

Paulo Coelho – Adultery

Maureen Lee – Mother of Pearl

Helen Fielding – Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy

Giovanna Fletcher – You’re the One That I Want

Brian P. Levack – The Witch-hunt in Early Modern Europe

Claire Kendal – The Book of You

Miranda Dickinson – Take a Look at Me Now

Paso Ilmari Jaaskelainen – The Rabbit Back Literature Society

Paul Faber’s PhD thesis

Fay Hield’s PhD thesis

Pamela Allen Brown –  Better a Shrew Than a Sheep

Alan Titchmarsh – Bring Me Home

Fanny Blake – With a Friend Like You

Greenburger and Padesky – Mind Over Mood

Colette McBeth – The Life I Left Behind

Matt Haig – Reasons to Stay Alive

Tittler and Jones (eds) – A Companion to Tudor Britain

Jenny Colgan – Summer at the Little Beach Street Bakery

Gillespie & Hadfield (eds) – Oxford History of the Irish Book Vol 3

M. Lindsay Kaplan – The Culture of Slander in Early Modern England

Steven Veerapen’s unpublished PhD thesis

Ferdinand von Shirach – The Girl Who Wasn’t There

Jeffrey Archer – Mightier than the Sword

Tarjei Vesaas – The Ice Palace

Kate van Orden – Materialities

Cuthbert Sharp – Memorials of the Rebellion of 1569

J. Christopher Warner – The Making and Marketing of Tottel’s Miscellany, 1557

Roald Dahl – Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator

Adam Fox – Oral and Literate Culture

Bertrand H. Bronson – The Singing Tradition of the Child Ballads

Audrey Niffenegger – The Time Traveller’s Wife

Roald Dahl – James and the Giant Peach

Freya North – The Turning Point

Roger Lockyer – Tudor and Stuart Britain

Laurel Saville – North of Here

Frances Rose-Troup – The Western Rebellion of 1549

Michael Wood – In Search of the First Civilisations

James Dashner – The Maze Runner

Suzanne Collins – Mockingjay

Suzanne Collins – Catching Fire

Suzanne Collins – The Hunger Games

Myers and Harris (eds) – The Stationers’ Company and the Book Trade, 1550-1990

H.S. Bennet – English Books and Readers 1475-1557

Michael Young – Charles I

Rosanna Ley – The Villa

Gillian Flynne – Gone Girl

Mhairi McFarlane – You Had Me at Hello

Alison Brown – The Renaissance

Lockyer and Thrush – Henry VII

Alister McGrath – Reformation Thought

Charles Nauert – Humanism and the Culture of Renaissance Europe

Steven Gunn – Early Tudor Government, 1485-1558

K.B. McFarlane – England in the Fifteenth Century

Sean Cunnningham – Henry VII

Machiavelli – The Prince

Mark Kishlansky – Charles I: An Abbreviated Life

Kesson and Smith (eds) –  The Elizabethan Top Ten

JoJo Moyes – The Peacock Emporium

Christine Carpenter – The Wars of the Roses

Roger Lockyer – Henry VII

A.J. Pollard – Late Medieval England

Victoria Hislop – The Return

Sarah Tarlow – Ritual, Belief and the Dead in Early Modern Britain and Ireland

Joshua Scodel – The English Poetic Epitaph

Scott Newstok – Quoting Death in Early Modern England

John Southworth – The English Medieval Minstrel

Nicci French – Thursday’s Child (joining a story that started on Monday probably wasn’t the best idea!)

Victoria Hislop – The Sunrise

Tess Gerritson – Bloodstream

Tess Gerritson – Gravity

JoJo Moyes – Me Before You

William Shakespeare – As You Like It

Keith Thomas – Religion and the Decline of Magic

Karen Joy Fowler – We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves

Rudyard Kipling – The Jungle Book

Stieg Larsson – The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest

Helen Moorwood – Shakespeare’s Stanley Epitaphs

Laura Gowing – Gender Relations in Early Modern England (in the alternative, Kindle version known as Gender Relations in Early Modem England!)

Steig Larsson  – The Girl Who Played With Fire

Stieg Larsson – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (okay, so I’m a bit behind the times…)

Ronnie Browne – That Guy Fae the Corries

Jeffrey Archer – Be Careful What You Wish For

Jeffrey Archer – Best Kept Secrets

L.M. Montogmery – Anne of Green Gables

Alexandra Walsham – Charitable Hatred

Thor Heyerdahl – Fatu Hiva

Thor Heyerdahl – Aku Aku

A.A. Milne – The House at Pooh Corner

Daybell and Hinds (eds.) – Material Readings of  Early Modern Culture

Michael Questier – Catholicism and Community in Early Modern England

Edward Lowinsky – Tonality and Atonality in Sixteenth-Century England

K. M. Peyton – Flambards

A.A. Milne – Now We Are Six

Ian Gregory and Paul Ell – Historical GIS

Pauline Croft (ed.) Patronage, Power and Culture: The Early Cecils

Jeffrey Archer – A Prisoner of Birth

Julia Merrit – The Social World of Early Modern Westminster

Jeffrey Archer – The Sins of the Fathers  (don’t ask – another short spell in hospital!)

Jeffrey Archer – Only Time Will Tell

Margaret Connell Szasz – Between Indian and White Worlds

Peter Burke – Popular Culture in Early Modern Europe

John Storey – Cultural Theory and Popular Culture: A Reader

Catherine Fletcher – Our Man in Rome

J.H. Elliott – History in the Making

John Guy – My Heart is My Own

Jenny Wormald – Mary Queen of Scots: A Study in Failure

Retha M. Warnicke – Mary Queen of Scots

Giles Tremlett – Catherine of Aragon

Victoria Hislop – The Island

Anthony Fletcher – Gender, Sex and Subordination

Christopher Haigh – Reformation and Religion in Tudor Lancashire

John Carmi Parsons (Ed) – Medieval Queenship

John King – Tudor Royal Iconography

Harold Love – The Culture and Commerce of Texts

Susan Pierce – On Collecting

Jane Whittle (Ed) – Landlords and Tenants in Britain, 1440 -1660

James C. Scott – Weapons of the Weak

Adam Smyth – Autobiography in Early Modern England

Adam Smyth (Ed) – A Pleasing Sinne: Drink and Conviviality in Seventeenth-Century England

Juliet Ingram’s unpublished doctoral thesis

Alison Shell – Oral Culture and Catholicism in Early Modern England

Peter Marshall (Ed) – The Impact of the English Reformation

Andy Wood – Riot, Rebellion and Popular Politics in Early Modern England

Jennifer Loach – A Mid-Tudor Crisis?

Joan Thirsk – Tudor Enclosures

Gamino Salgado – The Elizabethan Underworld

Krummel – English Music Printing 1553-1700

Ernest Dormer – Gray of Reading

Derek Attridge – The Rhythms of English Poetry

Annabel Patterson – Shakespeare and the Popular Voice

K. J. Kesselring – The Northern Rebellion of 1569

Smith and Schmidt (Eds) – Making Knowledge in Early Modern Europe

Geoffrey Parker – The Dutch Revolt

Rebecca Herissone – Musical Creativity in Restoration England

Jonathan Willis – Church Music and Protestantism in Post-Reformation England

Alexandra Walsham – Providence in Early Modern England

Crick and Walsham (Eds) – The Uses of Script and Print, 1300-1700

James Muller (Ed) – The Letters of Stephen Gardiner

Rankin, Highley and King (Eds) – Henry VIII and his Afterlives

Andy Hornby – The Winders of Wyresdale

Roald Dahl – James and the Giant Peach

Andrew Pettegree – The Invention of News

Kate van Orden (Ed) – Music and the Cultures of Print

Jason Peacey – Politicians and Pamphleteers. Propaganda during the English Civil Wars and Interregnum

Jason Peacey (Ed) – The Print Culture of Parliament, 1600-1800

Jason McElligott – Royalism, Print and Censorship in Revolutionary England

Suarez and Turner (Eds) – The Cambridge History of the Book in Britain Vol 5

Barnard and McKenzie – The Cambridge History of the Book in Britain Vol 4

Siebert – The Freedom of the Press in England, 1476-1776

John Stevens – Music and Poetry in the Early Tudor Court

Griffiths (Ed) – Londinopolis

Hellinga and Trapp (Eds) – The Cambridge History of the Book in Britain Vol 3

Philip Pullman – The Amber Spyglass

C. John Sommerville –  The News Revolution in England: the Cultural Dynamics of Daily Information

Matthias Shaaber – Some Forerunners of the Newspaper in England

Kenneth Grahame – The Wind in the Willows

Joad Raymond (Ed) – The Oxford History of Popular Print Culture

Andrew Pettegree – Reformation and the Culture of Persuasion

Jean Chalaby – The Invention of Journalism

Joseph Frank – The Beginnings of the English Newspaper

Geoffrey Elton – Policy and Police

Jennifer Loach – Edward VI

Joad Raymond – Pamphlets and Pamphleteering in Early Modern England

Cross, Loades and Scarisbrick (Eds) – Law and Government Under the Tudors

Ethan Shagan – Popular Politics and the English Reformation

Thomas More – Utopia

Dominic Baker-Smith – More’s Utopia

Philip Pullman – The Subtle Knife

David Loades – Thomas Cromwell

Nancy Lee Beaty – The Craft of Dying

Steve Hindle – The State and Social Change in Early Modern England

M.L. Bush – The Government Policy of Protector Somerset

Michael Hattaway (Ed) – A New Companion to English Renaissance Literature

Arthur Freeman and Janet Ing Freeman – John Payne Collier: Scholarship and Forgery

Jennifer Loach and Robert Tittler (eds) – The Mid-Tudor Polity

Geoffrey Elton – Reform and Renewal

E. David Gregory – Victorian Songhunters

David Zaret – The Origins of Democratic Culture

Anindita Ghosh – Power in Print

Ken Robinson – Finding Your Element

David Cressy – Literature and the Social Order

Alfred Harbage – Shakespeare’s Audience

James K. Lowers – Mirrors for Rebels

Philip Pullman – Northern Lights (bedtime reading)

James Shapiro – 1599

Andrew Taylor – The Songs and Travels of a Tudor Minstrel

Arthur Marotti – Manuscript, Print and the English Renaissance Lyric

Rachel Platonov – Singing the Self

Clive James – May Week Was in June

Enid Blyton – The Faraway Tree

Patrick Collinson – The Elizabethan Puritan Movement

John King – English Reformation Literature

Durston and Eales (Eds) – The Culture of English Puritanism

Anthony Martienssen – Queen Katherine Parr

Nigel Llewellyn – The Art of Death

Christopher Marsh – Popular Religion in Early Modern England

Blackwell’s – A Companion to Tudor England

Alison Weir – Elizabeth the Queen

Patricia Phillippy – Women, Death and Literature in Post-Reformation England

David Cressy – Birth, Marriage and Death

Maria Dowling (Ed) – William Latymer’s Chronickille of Anne Bulleyne

Thomas Betteridge – Tudor Histories of the English Reformations

Eric Carlson – Marriage and the English Reformation

J.R.R. Tolkein – The Return of the King (finally we have reached the end!  Easter was an optimistic estimate – it’s now June!)

Eamon Duffy – The Stripping of the Altars

Anna Whitelock – Elizabeth’s Bedfellows

Caroline Dodds-Pennock – Bonds of Blood

Peter Marshall – Beliefs and the Dead in Reformation England

Gordon and Marshall (Eds) – The Place of the Dead

Stanford Lehmberg – English Cathedrals

John Guy – Tudor England

Jane Tompkins – Reader-Response Criticism: from Formalism to Post-Structuralism

Wolfgang Iser – The Act of Reading

Robert Holub – Reception Theory: a Critical Introduction

Nicholas Temperley – The Music of the English Parish Church

The Oxford Handbook of Tudor Literature

Bernard Capp – Astrology and the Popular Press

Robin Leaver – Goostly Psalms and Spiritual Songs

Peter Le Huray – Music and the Reformation in England

Daniel Glattauer – Every Seventh Wave

Daniel Glattauer – Love Virtually

Beth Quitslund – The Reformation in Rhyme

Enid Blyton – The Wishing Chair

Rebecca Herissone (Ed) – The Ashgate Research Companion to Henry Purcell

Sauer and Andersen (Eds) – Books and Readers in Early Modern England

Daybell and Hinds – Material Readings of Early Modern Culture

Michael Burden (Ed) – Performing the Music of Henry Purcell

Harman and Milner – Man and His Music: Late Renaissance and Baroque Music

Allaire – The Theory of Hexachords, Solmization and the Modal System

Robert Whiting – The Reformation of the English Parish Church

Lesley Shepherd – History of English Street Literature

Margaret Spufford – Small Books and Pleasant Histories

Angela McShane’s unpublished PhD thesis

Geoffrey Elton – Reform and Renewal

Annabel Patterson – Censorship and Interpretation

Friedrich Blume – Protestant Church Music, A History

Pierre Bourdieu – The Field of  Cultural Production

Karin Barber – I Could Speak Until Tomorrow: Oriki, Women and the Past in a Yoruba Town

Susan Dwyer Amussen, Mark A. Kishlansky and David Underdown (Eds) – Political Culture and Cultural Politics in Early Modern England : Essays Presented to David Underdown

Stanley Fish – Is There a Text in This Class?

Stephen Greenblatt – Renaissance Self-Fashioning

Kevin Sharpe – Reading Revolutions

Kevin Sharpe – Selling the Tudor Monarchy

Sasha Handley – Visions of an Unseen World

Michael Bond – Paddington Here and Now

Thomas Betteridge – Literature and Politics in the English Reformation

Geoffrey Elton – Reform and Reformation

Viscount Lisle and Muriel St Clair Byrne – The Lisle Letters (6 Vols)

Whitney Jones – William Turner: Tudor Naturalist, Physician and Divine

Tessa Watt – Cheap Print and Popular Piety

Robert Hutchinson – Thomas Cromwell

Glyn Redworth – In Defence of the Church Catholic

Joad Raymond (Ed) – The Oxford History of Popular Print Culture

Charles Bronson – The Ballad as Song

Temperley – The Music of the English Parish Church

Angela McShane – Political Broadside Ballads of Seventeenth Century England

Michael Bond – Paddington Takes the Air

Carole Rose Livingstone – British Broadside Ballads of the Sixteenth Century

Merry Wiesner – Women and Gender in Early Modern Europe

Duffy and Loades – The Church of Mary Tudor

Glyn Redworth (Ed.) – The Letters of Luisa de Carvajal y Mendoza (2 Vols)

Joel Hurstfield – Freedom, Corruption and Government in Elizabethan England

J.L. Laynesmith – The Last Medieval Queens

Levin, Carney & Barrett-Graves – “High and Mighty Queens” of Early Modern England

Alexandra Halasz – The Marketplace of Print

Linda Levy Peck – Court Patronage and Corruption in Early Stuart England

J.R.R. Tolkien – The Fellowship of the Ring (bedtime story – I think by the time we get through the entire trilogy it will be next Easter, and that’s being optimistic!)

Peter Lake – The Politics of the Public Sphere in Early Modern England

Hunt and Whitelock – Tudor Queenship: the Reigns of Mary and Elizabeth

Oakley-Brown and Wilkinson – The Rituals and Rhetoric of Queenship

Connolly and Hopkins – Goddesses and Queens: The Iconography of Elizabeth I

Levin and Bucholz – Queens and Power in Medieval and Early Modern England

C.S. Lewis – The Magician’s Nephew (bedtime story)

Alexander Wilkinson – Mary Queen of Scots and French Public Opinion, 1542-1600

J.R.R. Tolkien – The Hobbit (yet more bedtime reading)

C.S. Lewis – The Silver Chair (more bedtime reading for the little ones)

Sarah Duncan – Mary I: Gender, Power and Ceremony in the Reign of England’s First Queen

J.K. Rowling – Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (reading to the children!)

Clive James – Falling Towards England

Judith Richards – Mary Tudor

David Rubin – Memory in Oral Cultures

Chappell – Popular Music of Olden Times

Helen Castor – She-Wolves: The Women Who Ruled England Before Elizabeth

Clive James – A Point of View

Harry Kelsey – Philip of Spain, King of England

Alice Hunt’s unpublished PhD thesis.

Alexandra Walsham – The Reformation of the Landscape

Chris Marsh – Music and Society inEarly Modern England

Heidi Brayman-Hackel – Reading Material in Early Modern England

Susan Brigden – London and the Reformation

Susan Doran and Thomas Freeman – Mary Tudor: Old and New Perspectives

Eamon Duffy – Fires of Faith

John Edwards – Mary I: England’s Catholic Queen

Fumerton, Guerrini and McAbee – Ballads and Broadsides in Britain

Christopher Haigh – English Reformations

Jennifer Loach – Parliament and the Crown in the Reign of Mary Tudor

Natascha Wurzbach – The Rise of the English Street Ballad

*This includes books – both work and pleasure – but not journal articles, because I’d never keep up…

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