Sorry for the naff title, which I nabbed from a song from my all-time favourite film, but over the last couple of days video seems to have been one of the twin centres of my life. 

 On Friday, I will speak at the Mary I conference in London the conference, but I won’t actually be there in person, because 3 weeks ago I had major surgery and I think travelling to the capital would be beyond me. My paper discusses the ways in which Mary I was represented in the ballads that greeted her accession, comparing the songs to ballads about Elizabeth I and James I.  Thankfully, the conference organisers have kindly agreed to allow me to give my paper on video and then attend the questions via Skype.  So I spent yesterday morning recording my paper, with the assistance of my husband who had to sing the ballads for me.  Although I’m very sorry to be missing the other conference participants, I quite enjoyed making the recording.  While I was at it, I decided I would record the video abstract for my Literature Compass article ‘Verse Epitaphs and the Memorialisation of Women in Reformation England’, which should be out very soon.

The other centre of my life at the moment is my reapplication for a British Academy Postdoctoral Research Fellowship.  This, combined with preparing my teaching for the Liverpool Hope University students at Holy Cross College in Bury and creating schemes of work for my GCSE tutoring, is keeping me very busy.