It’s been quite a week.  First of all I had two days at home looking after my sick little boy.  Then on Wednesday I went into Manchester to have a supervision meeting.  I spent most of the day reading and managed to catch up with a few of my friends, which was nice because I hadn’t seen them for a long while.  The supervision meeting was very productive, with both my main supervisors setting me completely different pieces of work and discussing the work that I wrote on the Cromwell ballad flyting.  I was surprised about how positive they were about that.  It was barely even a first draft and I thought it was pretty rubbish, especially in terms of its flow.  However, I am very pleased by the detailed feedback I was given and its certainly given me something to think about when I go back to it.  But that will be a little while off.  I have to re-write my chapter plan, again, with some different case studies, and I have 2000 words to write on reception theory, speech act theory and knowingnesss.  So that’s what I spent yesterday reading up on.  I’d done some work on speech act theory before, so I started with reception theory and wrote a bit on that yesterday.  I have to say it’s been rather hard work, and I’m not entirely convinced by it all.  Theory is all very well, but when it meets practice it seems to collapse…  Oh well, it remains to be seen how it comes out in the wash.  I picked up some more texts in the library today, so that’s Monday and Tuesday sorted at the very least!

Today I was on a three hour course on ‘Evidencing Your Skills’, all about how to match your experience to competencies required by employers.  It was rather too long, I have to say, but it was a useful reminder of how to prepare for life beyond the PhD!  So I’ve set myself several targets from that, too.  The first is to contact the careers service at the university, as there are a few options I’d like to discuss.  I am also going to force myself to write some proposals for conference papers, as I haven’t done that yet at all.