IMG_20171030_193529523I was delighted earlier this year to be asked to give my talk on Singing the News in mid-Tudor England at Ewecross Historical Society which meets in High Bentham on the top edge of the Forest of Bowland (being a forest, there’s no direct route there from here, so it’s actually about an hour’s journey away!).  I was even more delighted when I received the confirmation email from the new secretary a couple of weeks before the event in late October, because it came from my lovely former RE teacher, John Wilson, who used to take the very few A-level music students in school to concerts in Manchester and Huddersfield.

It was, in fact, a thoroughly enjoyable evening.  The society meets in a Methodist church which has excellent acoustics, which made it a pleasure to sing in.  I even managed to organise a small person to record a short video of one of the ballads I sang that evening, A Letter to Rome to Declare to the Pope, John Felton his Friend is Hanged in a Rope.

IMG_20171030_194912639The best thing about it (apart from being able to catch up with Mr Wilson, of course) was the excellent questions which the audience raised at the end.