This is the second in a short series of posts on my research into John Balshaw’s Jig. It’s a short ‘musical comedy’ written by a man in Brindle, Lancashire, in the mid-seventeenth century.  I found the manuscript in the British Library a couple of years ago, and transcribed it, and I’ve already written a blog post about that.  It wasn’t taken up by the journal I sent it to, but in some respects I’m quite glad, as it’s given me the chance to expand the project a little further.  I’m now hoping that it’s going to be published next year by the Regional Heritage Centre at Lancaster University

The Centre of Brindle Village (c) Jenni Hyde

Last week, I wrote about the difficulties of establishing which John Balshaw is which.  In the end, I started giving them letters after their names (A), (B) etc, so that I could differentiate them from each other.  I used letters rather than numbers to avoid suggesting familial relationships where none could be proven, but it also meant that when I did manage to establish that two were father and son, I could call them A1 and A2!

But there are other problems too, brought on by the peculiar circumstances of trying to carry out research during the coronavirus pandemic. It would really help if I could look at the Hearth Tax Returns, but unfortunately, the Lancashire Archives are currently closed (and will be for the foreseeable future), while the Centre for Hearth Tax Research based at Roehampton, which aims to publish all the Hearth Tax Returns online, hasn’t reached Lancashire yet….  There are several other documents in Lancashire Archives that I’d like to be able to view but I can’t.  Some of the probate records, for example, are available online via Ancestry (albeit at a price), but others aren’t, and I haven’t quite worked out why… This presents a bit of a problem, and one that it’s rather difficult to resolve.  I guess I’ve just got to keep my fingers crossed that the archives will reopen soon, or at least that the archivists will be back at work and I can order digital copies of the records I need.