clive james - notes

clive james – notes (Photo credit: russelldavies)

A funny sort o f week. Today I sent off all my work for my panel meeting, which is scheduled for next week. My supervisors certainly have plenty to keep them busy – my research plan, training log and chapter plan don’t take up too much space, but the draft chapter on combining music and words to make ballads is somewhere in the region of 55 pages and they’ve got a couple of thousand words more on what a ballad actually is. Or is not. In the end it will form part of my introduction, which my twitter followers may already know I accidentally wrote the first draft of a couple of days ago. My response to a chapter on Tudor music by John Milsom metamorphosed into a bit of a literature review, so then I decided to stick in the methodology section I wrote in January and voila, an introduction was born. Yesterday I proofread and sent off my little epitaph ballad article, so that’s gone too.

All of which meant I had no pressing work to do today, so I trawled the online archive catalogues looking for things that I ought to go to see over the summer. I think I’ll probably be doing more of the same tomorrow.

This evening I’m having a night off. I’m going to read a bit more of the third volume of Clive James‘s memoirs and enjoy the evening sunshine. Now there’s someone whose writing I admire…

A friend at university shared this article on Facebook: although she pointed out that it doesn’t take into account the way people own things that they want people to think that they’ve read.

Guardian Bookshelf Article

Anyway, it got me thinking about my own bookshelf.  Or rather, bookshelves.  Offhand, I can think of 3 bookcases and 3 long bookshelves that are mine, and then there are the children’s, most of the contents of which I have bought.

What does my set of bookshelves say about me?  Mostly that I have a lot of books, but also that I don’t like getting rid of them.  ‘Old friends, old friends…’  No prizes for spotting Paul Simon’s ‘Bookends’.

At the moment, my books aren’t really in any order – the priority when we moved in was just to get them out of boxes and onto shelves, preferably but not exclusively in vaguely the right area!