This week seems to have seen me concentrating on moralising ballads.  On Wednesday I had a long meeting with my supervisor, discussing them and the reformation of manners.  He suggested I read an article by Peter Lake on Puritanism, Arminianism and a Shropshire Axe-Murder!  I read it this morning.  Fascinating, it was.  So many layers of meaning to one pamphlet; so many things that it provided evidence for without even intending to.

I spent two long days at the beginning of the week combing the Stationers’ Registers and my spreadsheet of ballads for moralisations and original, unmoralised versions.  It was slow and tedious and although normally I quite enjoythat sort of thing as a means to an end, I just couldn’t manage to enjoy it this week, possibly because I am so incredibly tired.  (I picked up a bug a week or so ago and I can’t seem to shake it off.)  I created yet another table out of the results, which was quite revealing in itself.

On Wednesday afternoon I went to see the careers service, which is something I’ve intended to do for ages but haven’t quite got around to until now.  I was quite reassured by the suggestions that she made and especially by the various websites she showed me, some of which relate to opportunities  for funding.  As a self-funded student that, in particular, was very welcome.

This afternoon I spent writing my paper for Histfest in June.  It needs a lot of work, but there’s plenty of time for that.