about 1762

about 1762 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fittingly, the first Art Everywhere poster that I saw was  the Pelican Portrait of Elizabeth I!  It was on the concourse of Oxford Station.  Then on the way home from the Cotswolds we stopped at a motorway service station and saw the Ambassadors, Blaze 4, For You and Whistlejacket.  Apparently my husband and children saw several others during their wanderings around Oxford on Monday, but having my head stuck in sixteenth century manuscripts at the time, I missed those…

My favourite painting from this afternoon’s quick walk round parts of the National Gallery was Schedoni‘s portrait of the Holy Family, a little painting of the Virgin Mary teaching the infant Jesus to read, with Saint Joseph in the background.  I will pass over my puzzlement over why Mary is attempting to teach a child of that age to read…  I know nothing about it, as I know almost nothing about art generally, but it appealed to me in some way.  It was something about the tenderness, I think.  I can’t find a public domain copy of the National Gallery’s version that I can insert, so you’ll just have to head for the National Gallery website.   The only one I can find on wikimedia commons has an extra child in it and the composition doesn’t appeal to me as much.  Anyway, I thought it was a beautiful little thing, and it caught my eye.