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These are just gorgeous, so I felt the need to share.


Andre Amador’s Playa Paintings are Sandy Works of Art.

DSCF3072I don’t have a lot to tell, this week (after all, it’s only a couple of days since I last posted) so I thought I’d just share the good news that I’d managed to write a bit of my common weal chapter and then post some photos of some of my favourite birds from today’s visit to Martin Mere.

Yesterday morning I intended to spend a couple of hours on my common weal chapter, but just as I got stuck in and finally started making something that feels like proper progress, I had to abandon it in favour of looking after a dying hamster.  The hamster is still with us, just, but I doubt it will be much longer.  The chapter remains unfinished, but I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.  I hope it isn’t the oncoming train.

To the left is a fibre optic crane.  At least that’s what we call it – really it’s a grey-crowned crane.  Fabulous creatures.  And below are some avocets.










I am lucky enough to own one of Roger’s custom-made models (though it wasn’t custom-made for me!).  It will always be one of my most treasured possessions.  Beautiful to look at; beautiful to hold; beautiful to listen to; beautiful to play.

BBC News – Fylde Guitars’ Roger Bucknall looks back at 40 years of acoustic adventures.

▶ Reno erat Rudolphus by eyolfos.

I will get back to my blog properly by the end of the week, I promise.  But in the meantime, this appealed to my sense of fun.  The strangest stuff turns up on Facebook.  Earlier in the week one of my friends posted a video of a group of ‘silent monks’ performing the Hallelujah chorus from Handel’s Messiah; a couple of weeks ago I was treated to the spectacle of Jean-Luc Picard performing ‘Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow’; and this morning, I was presented with Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer in Latin plainchant.  Never take things too seriously!

Just as an aside, nothing to do with anything else, can I just say a belated Happy 50th to Doctor Who. One very happy family sat on the sofa together with a packet of curly wurlies and thoroughly enjoyed the special last night. Brilliant.

Particularly amused to find out why Elizabeth I never married, of course…

So far, so good.  I’ve managed to successfully avoid doing any work on my PhD for two weeks.  This may not seem like a cause for celebration (indeed, bits of me are itching to open a book or rifle through a few ballads or even do some filing) but I am extremely poor at doing nothing.  I find it very, very difficult to switch off, so the fact that I’ve taken two weeks off for the first time in a year is quite an achievement (and last year I only took two weeks off because I was moving house, so I wasn’t exactly doing nothing, I just had too much else to do!).   So this week we’ve been on a lovely walk from Chipping, we went cycling round Brockholes nature reserve and yesterday we went to the sea-life centre in Blackpool so that my little one could meet the Octonauts.  Such are the joys of combining parenthood with postgraduate research.  This evening we all went to choir practice, having joined the local church choir.  This is something I haven’t done for years, so I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

The school term begins in the middle of next week, which is when I go back to work.  Plenty to finish off before the new semester starts.

English: Royal Oak, Garstang. The Royal Oak pu...

English: Royal Oak, Garstang. The Royal Oak public house on the High Street. The Market Cross is in the foreground (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m having a couple of weeks off!  So far I have successfully avoided doing any work on my thesis and this is good.  Instead, I’ve done a lot of work for the Historical Association.  Also, I did a 4.5 mile walk from Garstang, which I have to say wasn’t the most interesting walk I’ve done in my life, but nevertheless it was good to be out and about.  We went to the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester and today we’ve been to the beach at St Annes.

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