I’m really proud to announce that at the end of April, I was made an Honorary Fellow of the Historical Association. I’ve done an awful lot of work for the HA over the years, not least in being secretary of the Bolton Branch for some long time and of course I was Associate Vice President of the charity from 2016-19. Nevetheless, I have no idea who proposed my election nor on what grounds – so whoever it was, I’m immensely grateful and touched.

This is a big honour, as far as I’m concerned. The HA is instrumental in bringing together academics, teachers, students, and the general public with people from public history bodies in order to promote the enjoyment of history at all levels, and it only creates a limited number of Fellows each year – each being recognised for their contribution to the history community. I’m proud to be in such distinguished company (just look at the rest of the names on that list!), and I really hope that we get to celebrate together at the Medlicott Award Ceremony in the autumn.