I do a lot of talks for Sovereign Education, speaking to groups of 6th form students on A level study days. But a couple of weeks ago I agreed to step in and speak for Lancaster Royal Grammar School’s History Society. They meet at lunchtime and there are members from the whole school community from year 7 to 13, which meant thinking on my feet a bit in order to make sure it was accessible to everyone. I even managed to get them to sing.

I gave an updated version of my Singing the News talk. I’ve separated out the Pilgrimage of Grace section so that I can use that as a different talk in its own right, and instead I’ve incorporated some of the material I put together on news ballads for the Turku EDPOP workshop last year. It means that I can talk more about ballads in the context of other news media, and some cases where there is significant overlap between ballads and pamphlets.