Although I’ve been an Honorary Researcher at Lancaster University for a few years, I’ve never done any teaching with them until this term.  Between now and Christmas I am teaching on the first year Reform, Rebellion and Reason course as well as the second year Making History Course.

What’s more, I’ve got my very own office.  Not an office that is borrowed from someone on research leave, but my very own empty office without anything in it except what I take in.  Apologies here for the darkness – it’s not that I’m a mole, but I don’t think I had found the light switches at the time!

office lancaster

Reform, Rebellion and Reason gives the students an overview of 3 key themes in early modern British history.  Making History is a rather different kettle of fish. Rather than study an aspect of history such as a period or a theme, it introduces the students to a range of characteristic practices within the discipline.  There are lectures, for example, on how historians use a range of source materials, and how history relates to working in the archives.  I will be giving a lecture called ‘History, Scripts and Scores’, which will look into how I use song texts in my work, and how other historians have used sources which were written down but intended for performance.  I’m looking forward to it, as it will be the first time I’ve used my own research as the direct source for an undergraduate lecture.