A couple of weeks ago I went down to London for a few days, killing several birds with one stone.  The main purpose of the visit was to go to a meeting of the Historical Association Branches and Members Committee, but I went down two days early so that I could get some work done too.

I spent the first afternoon of my trip at King’s College Library, where I read Fiona Kisby’s MA thesis.  The second day I spent in the British Library, looking at sixteenth and seventeenth-century manuscripts.  It was really interesting, and good to get back in the archive, since I don’t do much research from anywhere but home.

By happy serendipity, my visit coincided with the Royal Historical Society lecture at which my name was announced as a new Fellow.  The lecture itself wasn’t related to anything that I work on – in fact, it wasn’t even on a subject I knew anything much about – but it was certainly thought-provoking. Prof Naomi Standen spoke on global history in “Colouring outside the Lines: Eastern Eurasia without Borders”.