My daughter has been through a lot this year.  In May, she underwent over 10 hours of spinal surgery at Alder Hey Hospital to correct the curves in her spine caused by severe scoliosis.  She missed weeks of school and with that, her friends. She has spent a lot of her recovery time with her rabbits, Milky and Mocha; watching TED Talks on YouTube; and drawing animals.

Yesterday, she discovered that  2000, there were only 2000 mountain pygmy possums left in the world. In recent years, that number has severely declined – the last count revealed only 30 adults.  These mouse-sized, nocturnal marsupials live in only a few, remote alpine regions of Australia, their habitat having been almost completely destroyed, while feral cats and climate change have also had a significant detrimental impact on their numbers.


She was desperately upset, but she decided to channel her emotions into doing something productive: she did a beautiful drawing of a mountain pygmy possum and set up an Instagram account, think_endangered, to publish her drawings of endangered creatures.  If you have an Instagram account, please consider following her.  She needs our help to raise awareness of these creatures before it is too late.  For more information about mountain pygmy possums and what can be done to help them, visit the Paddy Pallin Foundation.  If anyone knows of any more recent developments or current plans to help this creature, please let me know.

Mountain Pygmy Possum Copyright Anne Hyde 2018