The eagle-eyed among you (if indeed anyone other than me ever looks at the list of what I’m reading – they probably don’t!) will have spotted that I’ve been reading some rather unusual books lately.  And a lot of them.  That’s because I was asked to be a judge for the Historical Association’s Young Quills Award for children’s historical fiction.  It has been an interesting experience, and I’m very glad to have been part of it, as obviously it means I’ve been introduced to some authors that I wouldn’t otherwise have read, and I’ve engaged with some areas of history that I knew relatively little about.  One of the criteria for the award is to excite children about history and pique their interest in aspects of our past with which they might not otherwise engage.  There was plenty among the books to do just that.  Unfortunately, a combination of circumstances meand that I was unable to be at the  HA’s Medlicott Awards Ceremony in London to see the prizes presented, but I am sure that our choices are worthy winners.