Over the last few months, I’ve been doing a lot of travelling around getting to work.  I’m not fond of driving, it’s never been something I particularly enjoy, but living in the back of beyond means that there’s really little alternative.  When I wrote Over the Next Hill, I thought I would be doing a lot less commuting this year, but my life rarely turns out as I expect! What’s more, teaching at Edge Hill led to some early starts and I was lucky to see some lovely salmon-pink sunrises over the M6 – a lot more attractive than they probably sound.  On a good run, the drive to Edge Hill only takes 45 minutes, which is bearable.

My other morning commute is in the other direction and across country to do my GCSE tutoring.   One particularly frosty morning, I was rather early, so I pulled over to appreciate it.

Of course, it’s not all been sunrises and frost.  There was the 2 hour traffic jam one Thursday evening on the M6 and the truly horrendous 3 hour drive to Edge Hill in the snow – not the beast from the east, which largely missed us, but the pest from the west.  Grim.