IMG_20180216_085438655_HDRI’m pleased to say that since the beginning of the year, I’ve been covering the Dawn of Modernity course for the first year history students at Edge Hill University.  It’s been great fun so far, and I must send a big thank you to Nicky Tsougarakis and all the staff at Edge for making everything so easy for me.  One of the reasons that teaching at Edge Hill is such a pleasure is because it’s a bit of a nostalgia hit – it’s where I completed my PGCE in music back in 2000 under the watchful and supportive eye of Daren Murrall.  Back in those days, the music department was in some huts out the back of campus, but by a huge coincidence,  for the first few weeks I taught my Friday seminars in a state of the art music room in Creative Edge.  Which was actually a bit bizarre, because the students all disappeared behind great, big imac screens and could not be seen – even when I was standing up they are still quite effectively obscured!

The course covers all the things you’d expect of an undergraduate core module on eraly modern England: Renaissance kingship, Reformation, mid-Tudor crisis, Elizabeth I, Stuarts, radicalism, the Civil War and the Restoration, as well as witchcCharles a la Chasseraft and popular culture, which will be fun. I’m looking forward to taking my students on a trip for the first time, too.  We’ll be going down to the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool as part of the course to look at their excellent collection of medieval and Renaissance art.