The end of the summer brought quite a few productive weeks, if I do say so myself.  While I was waiting for various things to do with the book manuscript to come together, I was also working on my Pilgrimage of Grace article.  It looks at a cluster of references to ballads and rhymes in the state papers around that time, which suggests to me that they were of particular interest to Thomas Cromwell.  I submitted the finishe for peer review on the day I sent the book to the publisher!  The other day I heard that the article had been turned down by that first journal – not altogether a surprise – but I’ve got some really positive feedback.  It shouldn’t take me long to make some revisions and get it sent somewhere else.

I’m going to write a talk based on it too, not least because it might be of interest to local history societies around here – it’s quite a coincidence that I live so close to Whalley and Sawley, where so much of the article is based.