I spent much of Easter in a frantic attempt to edit my book to submit it to another publisher.  Over the years, I have come to realise that my way of writing tends not to suit publication.  I tend to write as I go along, developing my ideas throughout a paragraph until I reach the point I was trying to make. This means that people who like to see ‘signposting’ get a bit frustrated, as my point sometimes gets buried at the bottom of a paragraph.  So I took the text apart.  I split it up into paragraphs, and sometimes even individual sentences, and reordered them so that it was clearer where the text was going. This involved putting all the extra leaves in my dining table, using lots of post it notes and coloured pens and paper, and an awful lot of tea.

2017-03-30 12.53.55

I think it’s better for it, so keep your fingers crossed that the readers approve.