I don’t spend a lot of time on Twitter, but I have noticed the hashtag ‘academics with cats’.  Cats are a big thing on Twitter. Personally, I’m not keen on cats – they interfere with the birds and shrews in my garden and leave behind unpleasant deposits that threaten my children’s health.  So I’ve started up a rival hashtag. I don’t expect it to take off. But it seemed a good idea at the time.
Academics with chameleons.

Actually, I don’t know any other academics with chameleons. Just me.  He’s called Dave.  #DaveC

My interest was sparked by the chameleon in the Rochdale garden centre where I used to take my children for lunch occasionally before they started school.  My youngest was very taken with the ‘meelikon’ and we had to visit him every time we went.  When I started doing a bit more work last autumn and had a bit of money coming in, I decided that after years of personal austerity, I would treat myself – and so I bought Dave.

Chameleons always look glum. It’s their natural expression. And I find that appealing.  Sometimes, he comes to keep me company at my desk, where he usually finishes up  hanging on to the stem of my desk lamp.  He’s good to read my papers to, and to share my thoughts with, although I have to admit he NEVER looks impressed.