At the beginning of October I took up a position as Honorary Researcher in History at Lancaster University.  It’s great, because it means I’ve got an institutional affiliation again, and with it access to databases and a library.  It’s also nice to feel part of an academic community again. The only down side is that with it being honorary, I don’t get paid!  It has meant that I’ve been able to get on with some work that had been on hold over the summer, things like drawing pretty maps of places mentioned in my ballads.  It’s taken me several months, mainly because of access to software, but finally today I’ve got a pretty picture that confirms my suspicion that ballads got everywhere.

I’ve also been asked to do some more A-level lectures, so I’ve been having lots of fun writing about Henry VII and Charles I.  It’s given me a good excuse to look at the Early Stuart Libels website and I’ve found a tune that fits perfectly one of the ballads on the Spanish match, so I’m thinking of including it in my lecture.

This afternoon I received the proof of my article for Notes and Queries on William Elderton’s Ladie Marques, so that was a new experience for me.