There’s something strange about commuting to Manchester.  I don’t do it often anymore, but on Wednesday I tootled in to visit the Whitworth Art Gallery with Bolton Historical Association, and the trip down the M6, M61 and A580 brings with it a lot of memories.  Foremost among them is the recollection of driving down one fair summer evening before a PhD panel meeting, with all the windows wound down because it was so warm, listening to Macalla by Clannad.  Why it stuck so strongly is something of a mystery, although I did have a perfect evening out with my Fiend, so maybe that was it.

On Wednesday morning I was listening to the collection of Steve Tilston tracks on my ipod, which have been the soundtrack to my life, really, and lots of them I associate with significant events and moments.  At the moment, Steve is getting quite a bit of publicity because of Danny Collins and there was a lovely article in The Guardian today that I thought I would share with you.