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This Curious Find comes to us from Christina Brindley who is researching images of female piety and the development of post-reformation Catholicism in the Diocese of Chester 1558-1630.

Christina discovered an amusing poem written by an unknown English nun in Louvain.

The poem is regarding English nuns who decide that they would rather join an English monastery than a Dutch one, and so erect one in the same town, though as the surrounding text indicated “…they knew not of the temporal means to compass so great a business.”


The nuns were promised £500 out of England to begin the cloister, however “hereupon began crosses and troubles to arise”, as many were not so keen to assist in the enterprise and several of their friends turned quite contrary to them.

A house was found to begin the monastery and the nuns sent money to the Abbot that it belonged to. However…

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