I’ve spent most of this week writing my common weal chapter and despite my misgivings about how much I would get for it, I’ve actually written about 4200 words.  Last Sunday I spent the afternoon at my kitchen table, cutting 4 different versions of the same ballad into little pieces and sticking them back together in a different order.  It was incredibly tedious, but quite rewarding as it showed several interesting differences and several more interesting similarities.  It also gave me the way in to the chapter that I’d been missing.  So on Monday I brainstormed all the ideas I had and began going through each of my ballad examples in turn to look at the common themes within them.  Yesterday evening, having written quite a lot of ‘stream of thought’ prose, I sat down and thought about all the ideas I’d come up with and sorted them into some sort of order that resembled a plan for the chapter.  This morning I was able to re-jig the stream of thought into the order that I’d come up with and I felt a lot better about the whole thing.  I could then begin work improving the sentence structure and fleshing out the ideas.   Plenty still to do, but at least I now have a framework to hang it round and I know where to start on Monday morning!

What I have noticed this week is how thinking about one thing gives me ideas about what I need to put in to my other chapters when I refine them.  This is a really interesting stage to be at, if a little confusing.  It can be a bit hard to concentrate, for example, when I look through a secondary source that reminds me of something I could put into an earlier chapter – the temptation to abandon what I’m working on and start meddling with another chapter is strong.  To deal with it I’ve drawn up a chapter plan on a wall chart and when I think of something that needs to go into one of the chapters, I write it on a bookmark post-it note and stick it on the chart.  I am ridiculously self-satisfied with my solution to the problem.