By far the most exciting visit we made on our trip to Cambridge was to Wicken Fen Nature Reserve.  Apparently it’s the fifth oldest National Trust property and it was absolutely brilliant.  I’ve liked dragonflies ever since I was a child, possibly because I see less of them than other insects, and Wicken Fen is dragonfly heaven.  I have never seen so many dragonflies in one place at one time, although unfortunately they tend not to sit still for the photographer in the way that butterflies do.

grasshopper grasshopper
Brimstone butterfly Brimstone butterfly
Gatekeeper butterfly Gatekeeper butterfly
Darter dragonfly Darter dragonfly
Skipper Skipper
Highland cattle at Wicken Fen Highland cattle at Wicken Fen
mating dragonflies mating dragonflies
Konik ponies, Wicken Fen Konik ponies, Wicken Fen
Injured brown hawker dragonfly Injured brown hawker dragonfly