This week I had my fourth panel meeting, which was a very interesting experience.  I wouldn’t exactly say I enjoyed it, but it was certainly stimulating and it wasn’t quite so scary as previous ones had been.  I’d sent in a chapter on putting ballads back together with their music, a short piece of writing about what is or isn’t a ballad and of course the usual summer review documentation like a progress report, research plan and my training log.  The piece on the nature of ballads opened up quite a bit of debate about whether something that once had several parts can be considered a ballad if it now had only one part!

I’ve shared the details of my summer goals already, but I’ve got a couple of things to add.  I’m going to write a couple of sides on knowingness and I’ve got to re-write my chapter plan – as two of my supervisors pointed out, it still reads as if I’ve still got everything to do and says I am going to investigate this, that and the other, whereas now it really should say what I’ve already done in the chapters for which I have complete first drafts.  So that’s going to keep me occupied.

Tomorrow I go to London for the Psalm Culture conference in the heatwave!  The garden here is looking beautiful, with the philadelphus flowering and several deep pink poppies blooming.  The sweet peas smell lovely and the beans and peas are almost ready.