This is blatant recycling of material I’ve written for my Bolton Historical Association blog, but I’m very glad my supervisor’s work for the H.A. has been recognised.  Although I have to admit that the size of the photograph on this blog is more than a little bit scary!

Historical Association Bolton Branch

The Bolton Branch is pleased to announce that our Vice President, Dr Glyn Redworth, has been made an Honorary Fellow of the Historical Association.  Dr Redworth provided some of the first Historical Association podcasts on Golden Age Spain and is a regular speaker to branches across the country.  He also wrote the  classic HA pamphlet on Government and Society in Late Medieval Spain.

A Reader in History at the University of Manchester, Dr Redworth’s research interests are in the history of gender in the early modern period, reformation history, and Britain’s relations with the continent. His study of Luisa de Carvajal, a female missionary to England during the reing of James I, was published in paperback by Oxford University Press in 2011 under the title ‘The She-Apostle’.  In 2012 he edited and published a two volume translation of Luisa’s letters.

Dr Redworth will be speaking…

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