I’m going to give this some thought over the next few days. It’s close enough to work to keep me satisfied while I’m on sick leave, but far enough away not to give my carers collywobbles! Expect my thoughts soon. I can think of two immediate candidates… I wonder what else…


That half conscious state between sleeping and waking seems to be the time that I begin to compose a blog post. I often wake up relatively early with a half formed idea. I then work on it idly, gradually waking up, before finally getting up and getting it down.

This post began in exactly this way, with a five am wondering about what my favorite academic books would say about – and to – me. As I started to go through the books I’d put on a very, very short list I realized – and it was one of those kind of Homer Simpson d’oh moments – that the books I most valued were ones which were the kind of work I’d love to do.

So I want to suggest here that it could be helpful to think, more often than I have been doing, not simply about the research…

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