A tawny owl

A tawny owl (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You may by now have noticed that I like my garden birds.  I have just been standing out in the garden, which backs on to a playing field and beyond that, the countryside, admiring all the stars and appreciating the song of the male tawny owl that lives nearby. I’ve never seen it, but I’ve just compared it with my CD of bird songs and I think it’s a male tawny owl!  And he’s definitely singing, not calling.  There was a very good view of the stars, and I could see most of the Pleiades, which we could never see in Manchester.

I’ve managed not to do any work so far today, but last night I completed another draft of my talk for the Historical Association in Manchester next week, so I suppose that one of tonight’s jobs had better be to practice it.  I did spend quite a lot of time this afternoon sorting out my Bolton Historical Association business.  We’re having to change hall next season, and we have a big event in the pipeline which I’m not going to reveal until it’s safely organised.  But it’s also the time of year when I start trying to put together next year’s programme.  I have several names up my sleeve, but I’m trying to organise something aimed at the 6th form curriculum for October before I do anything else.