Hard to believe a whole year has gone round since I started this.  This week, it has definitely turned to autumn.  There’s a chill in the air, the leaves are turning and falling from the trees and for the first time ever, my children were able to go conkering on Thursday morning before school – the look of delight on their faces as conkers fell from the tree around them was truly a sight to behold, and another good reason for moving out of the city.   On the less good side of the move, my commute in to the university on Wednesday took more than an hour and three quarters, which really wasn’t great.  I engineered a visit in, because although most of the time I’m perfectly happy with my own company working undisturbed from home, I had a bit of an attack of loneliness at the beginning of the week and arranged myself a couple of meetings just to get myself out of the house and find some human company.  The postgrad workroom is just that –  a very quiet workroom – but at least you have the company of other people working quietly.  It can be a bit tough working from home, alone.  On the way back I decided that in order to keep my sanity, I would have to go in most weeks for a few hours, just to get me out of the house.
I am coming up to a very busy few weeks, with two children’s birthdays to juggle with my work and my first Historical Association Executive Council meeting.  I’ve also got to firm up my plans for my trip to London in a few weeks.   I spent Tuesday in the Lancashire County Record Office, which didn’t reveal a lot, but was good fun.  But by far the most time this week has been spent trying to write an abstract for my article.  It can’t go anywhere until I’ve done it, but I find them really hard.  It’s improving, I think, but I’m still not happy with it.