This week has been an interesting mix.  On Monday I sent my article to my supervisor, and I searched all sorts of new source material on EEBO.  Well, when I say new, obviously I mean 450 years old, but neverthless, most of them are new to me.  So I have a long list of downloaded citations in Endnote, but I have to skim through them now to see what is actually going to be useful.   So I started on that, but I have still got a way to go.

On Tuesday I had my first singing lesson since before I fell down the stairs in May.  I can’t say it went brilliantly, as I’ve developed one or two strange habits over the summer.  Also, I’ve misplaced my Vaccai studies and Handel’s Messiah, which are two things I’m working on and although I know they’re here somewhere, I’m not entirely sure where.  And if you wonder why, it’s probably best to look at my Bookends post!  My books are still rather mixed up.

Wednesday saw me checking through more of the EEBO citations, and then downloading various articles on ballads.  I spent Thursday morning reading some of the ones on the musicology of early modern ballads, some of which are nearly 100 years old themselves!  Friday started a bit pear-shaped, as I was feeling rather snowed under.  The children had been very hard work during the morning and by the time I’d got them to school I didn’t know where to start. I had a long list of thinds that needed doing and I just didn’t know where to begin.  I find that having the children affects me that way:  when they’ve been really hard work it upsets me and then I can’t settle or concentrate properly.  Anyway, what I actually did was have a sleep – I was woken two hours later by the telephone so I was obviously very tired and that didn’t help either.  So I made a list.  Then I prioritised.

I started by reading the rest of J.L. Laynesmith’s ‘The Last Medieval Queens’.  Then I read some more of the articles on ballads, although these were mainly the ones on the subjects of the ballads.  I read one wide-ranging survey of all the Spanish Armada ballads, another survey of the subjects of the Child ballads, and another on the treatment of old age in early modern ballads.

I’ve done a lot this week.  It just doesn’t feel like it.

On Wednesday I got back the draft of my article, with a few minor alterations.  Now I have to decide where to send it to try to get it published, and frankly I’ve got no real idea.  I’ve also got a date for my first seminar: 30th October!  I’ve already written it and created a powerpoint for it, but I’ve got to practise it, as the last thing I want is to be reading it from paper.

The plan for next week is to carry on with the reading, and to prepare for the mental gymnastics that I know will be the first meeting with my supervisor this week!