We have now settled into our new home in a small, rural Lancashire town, having been here almost two weeks.  Tomorrow I face my first long commute to Manchester after the move, and I can’t say I’m looking forward to it at all, but I hope that point of view as well as many others, the benefits will outweigh the unpleasantries.  Because the plusses to living here are enormous.  The children have a great big playing field behind the house to play on, and the elder two are settling in well to their new school.  From a purely personal perspective, it’s great to have my own study to work in, and my own desk to leave my work on.
Today was the family’s first day back at school, and it’s a while until I get my new supervisor, so I thought that for now I’ll catch up on some of the secondary reading that I need to get through.  I did some work on public sphere and Habermas, then I read some chapters of a book on Scottish music, and finally I read a chapter of Alexander Wilkinson’s book on Mary Queen of Scots and French Public Opinion.