This week I went up to Cumbria for a few days camping in Arnside, which was very nice.  Definitely not glamping, but nice, not least because we didn’t have the torrential rain that we had in Oban.  In fact, yesterday I got sunburned.

Anyway, with my progression panel approaching rapidly, I decided that I would have to take my work with me, and after a couple of evenings and one afternoon working on it in the tent, I finally have a draft of my chapter ‘Female Monarchy in Ballads’ that I’m happy to send to my supervisory team in the morning.  I also have an overall plan in place for the shape of the thesis as a whole and my work for the next few months.  Hence the sigh of relief.  I finally feel like I know vaguely where I’m going.  Also, notwithstanding the 38 books that are sitting on my bookshelf expecting me to read them, I feel as if I have a bit of leeway to engage in some packing for the house move, which we expect to happen the week after next.