I’ve not posted for a couple of weeks because I’ve been incredibly busy with life, the universe and everything. We are in the process of moving house, in as much as someone is buying ours and we are buying another, but as there is no chain at either end we need to be ready to go. As the house we plan to move to has less storage space than this one, we’re trying to get rid of things. In the process, there is an awful lot of stuff everywhere.

This week it took me a bit to get going. We had the first meeting of our PhD cohort writing group on Monday morning, and I was being the guinea pig. I had sent the draft of my chapter to the group at the end of the previous week, and they were really supportive. As the rest are all modernists, they were able to look at things from a slightly different perspective. They made some really useful comments on the structure, which was something that had been bothering me, and things which I could explain better. There were also some very useful comments on where to look for material on the methodology of oral sources in history.

Then I had a slow couple of days where I couldn’t really get started, but on Friday I could happily have worked for 24 hours, knocking some of the rough edges off the chapter and improving its flow.

I have another busy week ahead of me with children’s appointments and work, and I’m looking forward to the Society of Renaissance Studies Conference in Manchester. That will be my first conference, so I’m a bit nervous.