This is going to be an interesting week.  I’m starting my proper research on the Marian ballads.  So far I’ve written quite a bit about two of them – I’m splurging so that I can go back and edit all my ideas later.  But there’s a lot on this week.

I have various meetings and appointments to go to about the children, and the usual ferrying them around to Cubs, Brownies, cricket nets and things.  I’ve also got to pack for our holiday, which I promised I would actually take as a holiday….  It remains to be seen how I manage without my research.  There’s plenty of reading material on my kindle, if I get desperate!!!  I’ve got nearly an entire issue of Past and Present downloaded onto it, which I can legitimately describe as leisure because it was a special issue about relics, so not directly related to my research!

I haven’t heard from my supervisor since I sent her my work, so I’m not sure what’s happening there.  I expect I will need to see her this week too.