Since my Spanish exam on Tuesday, I’ve been able to get back to a bit of writing (and a lot of reading again).  I’m supposed to have come up with 2000 words by the end of the month, towards which I contributed 300 or so on Friday.  I’ve already got 1000 so it’s getting there.  At the moment I’m reading each book in turn and then summarising it.  It’s not the way I always work, as I have been known to splurge, just putting everything down on paper (or screen, these days) and then chopping it up afterwards and putting it in the right order.

But now, the books are nearly all from the library, and my habit of reading, taking notes and then writing them in where they fit with the sources doesn’t fit the bill.  It’s a historiographical introduction to my chapter, so it’s got to be absolutely spot on and summarised accutely.  However, I’m also putting in bits of my own thoughts about their relevance and where the evidence I’ve found fits in.  It’s nice to be back to writing.