That’s ‘The Archers’ on Radio 4, not an alcoholic drink of some sort, in case you were wondering!

The children went back to school yesterday, so I did a bit of work on my John Roberts piece (I think I might have finished it and I’m certainly pleased with my progress) and proofread a couple of essays for a friend.  This morning I was determined to get back to the records on EEBO, and I did, but I couldn’t settle to it and didn’t make a lot of progress.  Before Christmas I started going through them year by year,  and this morning I just tried to search for keywords, and it wasn’t very succesful.  I’ve given up for today, and gone back to some secondary reading.

I did finish the book by Anne Dillon, eventually.  I did find it very hard going, but I wonder if that was mainly because the children were at home, and I didn’t get a long stretch at it at a time.

Anyway, now ‘The Archers’ has finished, so I’d better get back to my reading so that I don’t feel like I’ve completely wasted a day!