I should have done this on Friday evening, but I forgot, but I’m here now.  The trouble is that I can’t entirely remember what I did last week.  I’ve handed in my essay on Mary I and the Reformation – I sent it off on Thursday morning.  On Friday I did some more work on my John Roberts article, which I started last April, but although I tidied a few bits of it up, I didn’t get a great deal of new stuff done.  I hope that when I’ve done the reading that I need to do today, I might get half an hour or so to run a few web searches for the missing documentary evidence.  Anyway, it was nice to spend another day in the company of John Roberts, as he and I haven’t spent much time together lately!

On Thursday morning I had a meeting with the lady in charge of organising the Manchester Histories Festival, which was very interesting.  I’m thinking of trying to get the Bolton Branch of the Historical Association involved in the 2014 festival somehow, though I don’t have any firm plans yet.