Yesterday I got an email from David, the chair of the Bolton Branch of the HA, to say that he had spoken to Michael Wood after a Merton Dinner on Friday and that he might be able to speak for the branch sometime in the next couple of years.  Hence the squeals of excitement.

On a more mundane level, I have spent the weekend re-reading John Edwards’s monograph on Mary I to try to work out why it irritated me so much.  I’m about half way through for the second time and so far it hasn’t had the same effect, so I’m beginning to think that I must have been in a very irritable mood the first time.  Also, I’m preparing for a seminar on Tuesday that I think it’s highly unlikely we’ll have.  The one bonus is I’ve found a bit of evidence to back up a comment I’ve made in my review essay, that otherwise I’d have had to base on an article in Spanish that I haven’t read!   So that’s quite pleasing.