At last, a week where I feel like I’ve actually got something done.  On Monday I knuckled down to actually putting some words down on paper, so I made a start on my review essay.  3000 words to review 20 books/articles isn’t many.  When you consider that it has to have some flow, an introduction and a conclusion, it’s less than 150 words on each.  And when at least three of the books are edited collections of essays, it presents quite a big problem.  Still, I’m happy with my first draft.  I need to give it a bit of sparkle.  Oh, and having read the last two books on the list would help too.  One of them I’m half way through, the other I’ve ordered on inter-library loans but it hasn’t arrived yet.  My first draft (which of course won’t be MY first draft, is due in on Tuesday so that my supervisor can have a look at it before I finalise it and send it in for both my co-supervisors to read for our pre-Christmas meeting.

Tuesday was good.  I popped into the library for a couple of books, went across to the post-grad workroom and found myself a desk to work at.  I took some tea and milk and made plenty of cups of tea.  I got lots of work done and had my Spanish lesson at 5.  Wednesday I spent in the  pg workroom – I’d only gone in for Picnic Wednesday.  It’s a particularly brilliant bit of Manchester history departmental life.    I don’t know who had the idea in the first place, but I’d like to thank them now.  The history postgrads, at all stages of their research, meet up in the glass box for lunch, to avoid the well known problems of isolation when pursuing individual work.

On Thursday I worked from home and had an excellent singing lesson, and on Friday I did a rather daft powerpoint workshop.  It was scheduled to last for 3 hours, we had all finished in 2, and had I been left to my own devices to get on with it I’d have been done in less than an hour!

So I do feel like I’ve got a bit to show for all the work, finally.