As of this afternoon I have a new theme for my work, which is now possibly going to be entitled “Perceptions of Female Piety 1553-1603”.  So a change to the title of the page (although Philip and Mary live on in the permalink, I think), and no photo at the moment until I can find some kind of suitable image, but at least I have a new direction.

It will take in some of the martyrs under Queen Mary, which I am happy about as it means that all my work over the last couple of years (and yes, it really has been that long) hasn’t been a complete waste of time.  It will carry on through Elizabeth’s reign where the martyrs turn Catholic.  The idea is to look at the way these women were represented.  It can, if need be, take in a European angle, which would be nice but I’ll have to see how the Spanish class goes on.

Tomorrow is my birthday, so I’m not likely to update the blog tomorrow.  I wonder if I will still count as an early summer chicken?  Quite possibly not.

I’ve finally managed to get hold of the journal articles that I needed and two of the books that I ordered.  I have another two weeks to do the rest of the reading of 20 items and form some kind of review article out of them.  That’s going to be fun, but my supervisor seems to think I’m in about the right place.  Whoop!