Well, probably not the best week ever.  Discovering that someone else is allegedly working on pretty much the same topic that you were going to investigate isn’t ideal.  In fact, it’s something of a body blow.  It shows, I suppose, that the topic was worth investigating.  It seems that  in terms of the work, my supervisors happened to be right to have their doubts, but they had the wrong ones!  But the upshot is the same:  I am almost certainly left with no PhD topic to work on…   I need to find something else.  So somewhere along the way, you can expect this blog to morph into that something else, whatever it may turn out to be.

This afternoon I spent looking through the catalogues of local archive collections, and trawling around EEBO and Electronic Enlightenment in the hope of finding something to hang my PhD round.

More successful things to report are the fact that I’ve managed to get myself onto a Spanish course, for three hours weekly on a Tuesday evening.  It was good fun, and a bit more of it came back to me than I was expecting, so hopefully I might make a bit more progress this time.  Also, this morning I went on the library’s Endnote course.  Endnote is referencing software.   It looks as if it, or something like it, might be quite useful.  If I ever find a topic to write about.

Before I discovered yesterday about the huge problem with my topic, I had read Judith Richards’s article on ‘Gendering Tudor Monarchy’ and John Edwards’s book Mary I.  Neither did I find wholly satisfactory.  Not as unsatisfactory, however, as finding a dead mouse under my desk at the course this morning.